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Chaturbate: The 2023 Complete Review

Updated July 2024

The Bottom Line

If you think Chaturbate is just another outdated platform, think again. With a staggering 8000+ online models at any given time and an incredible variety of free sex shows, Chaturbate is not only the largest cam site out there, but it's also a prime example of a community-driven platform that emphasizes simplicity.

At first glance, you may not be immediately hooked, but give it a few minutes, and you'll quickly appreciate its numerous features and user-friendly interface. In this comprehensive review, we'll guide you through everything you need to know about this unique platform. So, whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of online cam shows, keep reading to discover why Chaturbate is the go-to choice for millions of satisfied users.

table icon
Try one of the biggest adult cam sites in the world and watch more than 8000+ free sex shows!

Chaturbate Pros & Cons

  • Huge amount of models online
  • A lot of free sex shows
  • Reasonable token prices
  • Cam2Cam feature
  • Community-made apps for models
  • Great value for premium subscription
  • Feeling of an outdated design
  • Lack of exclusive private shows

Types of Shows and Show Costs

Free Shows: enjoy the cams for free!

At Chaturbate, the primary focus is on providing free access to a wide range of exciting webcams. Unlike other cam sites, such as Jerkmate, which often require a significant amount of tokens to enjoy steamy content, Chaturbate allows you to indulge in a plethora of shows without any cost. Upon landing on the website, you'll be greeted with an array of thumbnails showcasing different cam shows that you can enjoy without spending a penny.

One of the reasons Chaturbate can offer this is due to the models' "chat goals". These goals stipulate a fixed number of tokens that must be reached before the subject of the goal can be performed. Every user in the chat can contribute to reaching the goal, allowing everyone to savor the performance free of charge.

Private Shows and Spy Shows

Private Shows are like having your own personal concert with a sexy performer, where you get to call the shots and customize your experience. It's VIP access to their naughty playground. Most of the models on Chaturbate propose Private Shows ranging from 6 tokens to 240 tokens per minute. As for most cam sites, models with big communities will have more expensive shows than new models. If you are looking for cheaper shows, go to the "Discover" page and look for "New Cams".

Spy Shows are a cheaper way to enjoy some very naughty sessions at a reduced price. For around 6 to 30 tokens per minute, you can spy on an ongoing Private Show but you won't be able to interact with the model. Considering the price for some of the models, it's still a very good way to enjoy some live action, plus you can decide to leave when you want.

Private show modal chaturbate

Example of a Private Show cost on Chaturbate

Cam2Cam Shows: real one-to-one camming experience

Chaturbate offers the Cam2Cam feature for a more personalized experience, provided that the models are comfortable with it. By opting for a Cam2Cam, you can use your own webcam to engage in a one-to-one session with the model. Rest assured, if anyone is eavesdropping, your camera feed will not be visible to them.

The Cam2Cam prices generally range from 6 tokens to 240 tokens per minute, which is similar to the cost of Private Shows.

Ticket Shows: buy your ticket before the show begins!

On Chaturbate there are apps that give broadcasters the power to sell tickets for their shows, making them exclusive only to those who have bought tickets. This means that once the show starts, it becomes hidden to the public and only ticket holders can watch it. To purchase a ticket, you simply need to tip the broadcaster with the amount of tokens they ask for, which will vary from one model to an other. If the show is password-protected, you'll receive the password after tipping the tokens.

Price of Shows on Chaturbate

table icon Shows price table (Private and Spy)

The following prices have been calculated at $0.08 / token

Tokens / minute 10min show 30min show
6 $4.8 $14.40
12 $9.6 $28.80
32 $25.6 $76.80
64 $51.2 $153.60
120 $96 $288
240 $192 $576

Chaturbate Features

What you need to know about Chaturbate: it's all about the chat

If you're new to Chaturbate, it can be overwhelming to navigate the chat and features. While the platform may not seem feature-rich at first glance, a lot happens in the chat. Models use community-made bots and apps to make their shows engaging and interactive, adding unique features like connected sextoys, goals, tip menus or the wheel of fortune. Each performer customizes the platform to their own liking, which is why every room has a distinct look and feel.

Interactions on Chaturbate largely depend on the amount of tokens tipped. For example, tipping 10 tokens might request a kiss from the model, while tipping 11 tokens might activate a connected toy to vibrate for a few seconds. Since the features can differ from room to room, it's important to read the chat carefully when you land on a model's page.

Basic Chaturbate features: tips, connected toys, mini-games

Keep in mind that some of the features may not be available in every model's room depending on the apps that they configured.

Tips and tip menu

The most basic feature of any cam site are tips. To give a tip on Chaturbate, you simply need to press the "Send Tip" green button under the model's video feed. We recommend look at the tip menu that is usually presented in the model's chat as you enter in the room in order to see what each amount of token equals to, so that you can match your donation to a specific action.

Chaturbate tips and tip menu

In this model's chat on Chaturbate you can see the Lovense and Custom tip menus

Connected sextoys: Lovense and Ohmibod connected toys

In most of the chat rooms, performers will have connected sextoys that you can interact with through tipping. Since there is no dedicated menu inherent to Chaturbate, you'll need to look at the menu from the chat section to see what your donation amounts to. Usually the higher your tip is, the longer and harder the model's toy will vibrate. It's the most common way of tipping in Chaturbate and the toys used are usually from Lovense or Ohmibod which both proposes great sex toys for a male and female audience.

Mini-games: spin the wheel and roll the dice

Spin the wheel and Roll the dice are interactive tipping games where you donate a set amount of tokens to get a random action performed by the models. As for the rest of the tipping features, you'll need to refer to the chat to see if those games are active within the model's room and see how many tokens you need to tip in order to play the games. The result of the game will also be tipped in the chat.

Extra features: custom apps, fan clubs, social media access and show recordings

Custom apps: Chaturbate follow the trends with user-made apps

We have already explained what apps are for on Chaturbate: user-made extensions allowing models to customize the experience of their users, in the form of bots or extra features.

The great thing about these apps is that since they are made by the community, they are based on what is trending in the adult cam industry in general and they don't require Chaturbate to add new features themselves in order to compete with other camsites like CamSoda or StripChat, who usually integrate such features themselves (which is definitely more user-friendly though).

This also means that Chaturbate is sort of always on the top of the trends for both users and models, and most of the time Chaturbate is actually creating those trends.

Fan Clubs: exclusive model content and unique features

Fan Clubs on Chaturbate are very self-explanatory: you become a fan of a specific model in exchange for a monthly fee in order to get access to exclusive content (usually videos) in addition to become some sort of a VIP in that model's room. Fans have a green username is the chat and they can send Private Messages to the model. It's natural that they usually get more attention from models because they are exclusive supporters.

The price to become a fan can fluctuate a lot from one model to another. If some models will ask you for a mere ten dollars per month, some will ask up to a hundred. If this price may seem unreasonable, some performers will grant you more than just a couple extra perks, such as an access to their private social media (snapchat, whatsapp etc...). Be mindful that some of these may be detailed in the "Bio" section under the model's video while they may not appear in the "Fan Club" page uppon subscribing.

Chaturbate fan club features

Features from a Fan Club subscription to a model on Chaturbate

Private Social Media: get private access to a model's account

In the "Bio" section of Chaturbate under a model's video feed you can often find their social media which can be accessed in exchange for a set amount of tokens and a specific duration (sometime being lifetime).

When you want to see more from a model when they are offline, social media access is the ideal option to get a peak into a performer's intimacy, and even be able to chat with them. The pricing is specific to each model and can rise up quickly depending on the type of social media. While the access to an Instagram private account might only cost several tokens, it is natural that purchasing an access to a model's Whatsapp is more expensive considering that you will get to exchange private messages with them.

Chaturbate social media access

Record Private Shows: make the fun last longer

When you start a Private Show with a model, you will be informed whether you can or can't record the show. If this option is available, you will receive a full recording of the Private Show you just experienced in your collection after the show is over. It's a great feature to enjoy a private moment long after it's over!

Private show recording chaturbate

This Chaturbate model allows Private Show recordings

User features: collection, direct messages, dark mode

My collection: your media library for purchased videos, photos and recorded shows

We've just mentioned the fact that you can record Private Shows with some of the models. After your recordable show is over, the video will appear in the "My Collection" page under the user menu.

Your Collection is also where any purchased videos or photos will appear. For that reason it's important to keep your credentials safe otherwise your are at risk to loose your content, and your credits of course!

Unfortunately there is no favorite section so if you have a lot of media you won't be able to navigate through your favorite content. It's not a big deal but we sure would have like such a feature.

Direct messages: Chaturbate's messaging tool

There are multiple ways to send Private Messages to models:

  • Spend Tokens: some performers will ask for a small amount of tokens in order to start a private conversation
  • Supportive Member: the Chaturbate's premium subscription allows you to send private messages to any model
  • Fan Club: if you subscribed to a model's fan club, you can chat privately with them through private messages

Private Messages are great to chat with a model before starting a Private Show for example. You can ask them what they will or won't do in a Private Show for instance. If you are a regular or an administrator, it's also a good way to have conversations that will not appear in the public chat.

Dark mode: save your eyes from the blinding white theme

Chaturbate's design is very white. When browsing at night on computer or on mobile, it's easy to get an eye sore by just navigating the website. Fortunately they are aware of this and added a dark mode accessible from the user menu. It's a small feature but it's definitely more convenient to browse this way.

Chaturbate's Models

Being the most visited adult camsite in the world, Chaturbate offers a very large variety of models, with an average of 8000 models online at any time. The main categories are Women, Men, Couples and Trans, like on most sex cam sites.

Models variety and ethnicity

If Chaturbate does have a incredible amount of models, they don't give to much importance to ethnicity or languages, meaning you won't find an advanced filter with these options. However can still access cams from different regions in the footer:

  • 5 Regions: North American Cams, Euro Russian Cams, Asian Cams, South American Cams, Other Region Cams

Additionally, you can navigate through tags or use the search field to look for specific tags, ethnicities or languages which is gonna be your best tool when looking for specific content.

How to become a model on Chaturbate

Becoming a model on Chaturbate is an opportunity for many to have extra income or to make a career in a job that you can perform from pretty much anywhere in the world. The amount of traffic and reputation of Chaturbate makes it a really good cam site to not just get started with, but also to stay on in the long run. You will need to get comfortable with Chaturbate's apps and understand how they work, yet it is not required to start streaming. They also have one of the highest payout percentage in the industry, close to 60% at $0.05 for each token spent on your content or in your room.

Chaturbate also rewards $11.000 dollars every month to model in prize money by giving $10 to the best performing room each hour and $5 to the second best performing one.

Chaturbate Models
Become a model
  • Free Registration
  • Quick and Easy Signup
  • Effortless Startup
  • Discreet Account Management
  • Earn 5 cts per Token Received
  • Twice Monthly Payouts
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Dedicated Chaturbate Staff
  • Very High Traffic

Chaturbate's Interface and Design

An old looking site that is somehow convenient?

Chaturbate's interface looks kind of ugly at first sight. But somehow you learn to love it. The full screen design allows to show a maximum of models when navigating through the different pages and the information displayed on pages is complete and well organized despite being quite small; you definitely need good eyes to see some of the buttons, including the "Start Private Show" button under the model's video feed.

Chaturbate homepage

Chaturbate's homepage is all about models

The Chat: Chaturbate's colorful chat may not appeal to everyone

The chat of Chaturbate feels like it's been there for twenty years and was never really updated, which is probably the case. It's very colorful and often full of smileys and emotes, which is an aspect you have to embrace rather than hate.

It looks this way because of all the custom apps and bots that are configured on the model side. It will most likely not change until Chaturbate decides to rework the interface completely or decide to integrate some of the functionalities from these community-made apps directly into Chaturbate.

Despite feeling overwhelming at first, this is also what makes Chaturbate unique and we can't bring ourselves to criticize it. Since the platform evolves with its community, it feels as if this site is the embodiment of what the ultimate internet's cam site looks like, made by users and for users.

Chaturbate on mobile: surprisingly practical and convenient

Mobile traffic on website is often far greater that traffic on computers or tablet. For this reason it's often crucial for adult cam sites to propose a mobile version that is not only good looking but convenient, and Chaturbate ticks all the boxes in that way.

The navigation on mobile is smooth and easy, and the model's rooms are very well thought, giving you a quick access to the more important menus under the video: Chat, PM (Private Messages), Tokens, Bio and More Rooms. The video itself has a "Drag to Resize" feature which we loved. You can just drag the video up or down to increase or decrease its size. It will obviously crop the content on the sides as it gets bigger, but as long as the model is relatively centered on the video, it will give you a larger video while still being able to use the chat.

Chaturbate on mobile smartphone app

Screenshots from Chaturbate's mobile version. Elegant and convenient!

Chaturbate Free Tokens

The only way to get free tokens on Chaturbate at this moment is to get 200 free tokens by upgrading to a premium account. This subscription unlocks several perks including private messaging with models, an ad-free interface, room previews, and anonymous tipping. For a monthly subscription fee of $19.95, upgrading to premium is a more cost-effective option than purchasing 200 tokens separately, making this offer highly appealing.

>> Get Free Tokens on Chaturbate <<

Chaturbate Tokens Prices & Payment Methods

Chaturbate Token Prices

The cost of tokens on Chaturbate are on par with most of the big cam sites considering the cost of private shows and activities from models. Since the cost can vary a lot depending on the payment method used we encourage you to explore the different possibilities and take the one that fits you best. If you are located in US then we recommend you to use buy using either a debit / credit card or cryptocurrencies. If the price per token varies depending on the amount via credit card (from $0.12 to $0.08 per token), the price will always be $0.08 if you buy using crypto.

table icon Credit / Debit Card
Amount Price Price per token
50 tokens $5.99 $0.12
100 tokens $10.99 $0.11
200 tokens $20.99 $0.10
400 tokens $39.99 $0.10
550 tokens $49.99 $0.09
750 tokens $62.99 $0.08
1000 tokens $79.99 $0.08
table icon Cryptocurrencies

There is no best option when buying with crypto, the cost is always $0.08 per token

Amount Price Price per token
50 tokens $4 $0.08
100 tokens $8 $0.08
200 tokens $16 $0.08
400 tokens $32 $0.08
550 tokens $44 $0.08
750 tokens $60 $0.08
1000 tokens $88 $0.08
table icon Wire Transfer

As for cryptocurrencies, the price via wire transfer is always $0.08 per token, however the delay to receive your tokens may vary depending on your bank

250 tokens $20 $0.08
500 tokens $40 $0.08
750 tokens $60 $0.08
1000 tokens $80 $0.08
1500 tokens $120 $0.08

Payment Methods

Disclaimer: payment methods may change depending on the country you live in.

Chaturbate proposes all the type of payment methods that you need for every possible location. We tested with a VPN in various locations and were surprised to see that Chaturbate proposes the most trusted options in each country, in addition to the regular four main options: Credit/ Debit Card, Paypal, Wire Transfer. While Credit Card is almost always the best options on other cam sites, it's not the case on Chaturbate unless you buy more than 1000 tokens.

Chaturbate offers a more favorable deal when you upgrade to a premium account as you receive 200 tokens for free, which is a more advantageous option compared to purchasing the same number of tokens separately.

Credit Card logo
Credit Card
PayPal logo
Gift Cards logo
Gift Cards
Prepaid Cards logo
Prepaid Cards
Cryptocurrencies logo
Wire Transfer logo
Wire Transfer

Chaturbate's Membership: Become a "Supporting Member"

Chaturbate's premium membership is pretty standard for an adult cam site: private messaging with models, customization options and couple "quality of life" extra features. However the real deal-breaker is the one-time bonus 200 free tokens! It means that subscribing for one month to Chaturbate is cheaper than buying 200 tokens with your credit card, but you still get the credits. If you are planning to explore the platform a little bit and you enjoy chatting in Private with models then it's a great and affordable way to get started.

Chaturbate Premium
Check it out
  • Clean, Ad-free Interface
  • Custom Chat Font & Color Options
  • Private Message
  • Anonymous Tipping
  • Preview Rooms
  • 200 FREE TOKENS (one time bonus)
Chaturbate premium supporting member subscription

You can upgrade you Chaturbate account for $19.95

Chaturbate F.A.Q

What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is a unique adult live streaming platform known for offering an extensive range of free content and adult shows compared to other cam sites. It features webcam performances by various models, often including nudity and explicit activities. Catering to a wide array of preferences, users can explore diverse categories and model profiles. Please note that Chaturbate is designed for mature audiences and may not be suitable for everyone.

How much are Chaturbate tokens?

Chaturbate tokens are approximately $0.08 per token. With private shows typically costing around 12 tokens per minute, the cost of a private show would be around $0.96 per minute. It's important to note that token prices and show rates may vary depending on promotions or model preferences.

Is Chaturbate safe?

Yes, Chaturbate is considered a secure platform within the adult entertainment industry, as it has established a strong reputation and offers a wide range of content. The site employs encryption and security measures to protect user data and transactions. However, when using any online service, it's vital to maintain good internet safety practices, such as creating secure passwords and being cautious when sharing personal information.

Is Chaturbate legit?

Yes, Chaturbate is a legitimate website for adult entertainment. It has been in operation since 2011 and has a large user base and a significant following. Chaturbate is widely recognized in the adult entertainment industry as a legitimate and trustworthy platform for performers and viewers alike. However, as with any website involving financial transactions and personal information, it is important to exercise caution and take steps to protect your privacy and security.

How does Chaturbate work?

Chaturbate is a live streaming website where performers, commonly referred to as "models," broadcast themselves performing sexual acts or other forms of entertainment in exchange for tips from viewers. Users can watch these broadcasts for free or choose to purchase tokens to tip the models and engage in private shows or other types of interactions. Chaturbate also offers various features and tools for models to customize their broadcasts, interact with viewers, and earn money.

How to delete Chaturbate account?

To delete your Chaturbate account, first, visit Then, locate the "Disable account" link in the footer of the website and click on it. You will be prompted to log in to your account. Once you have logged in, you will be guided through the process of deactivating your account. Please be aware that deactivating your account will disable it and prevent further use, and your account information will be permanently deleted over time according to Chaturbate's privacy policy.

Is Chaturbate free?

Chaturbate offers both free and paid shows. You can enter a model's chat room and watch adult shows for free without registering. However, if you want to interact with models or tip them, you will need to register for an account and purchase tokens. Tokens are used to tip the models and access various features, such as private shows and group shows. So while Chaturbate does offer free access to some content, you will need to spend money if you want to engage with models or access certain features on the site.

How to get free Chaturbate tokens

The only way to get free Chaturbate tokens is by upgrading to a premium account, which comes with 200 free tokens and additional perks such as private messaging with models and an ad-free interface. This offer costs $19.95 per month and is more cost-effective than purchasing 200 tokens separately. It's important to be cautious of any other websites or offers claiming to provide free Chaturbate tokens, as they may be scams.

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